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"Perkins 77" Art Print Series - Rod Stewart #7712


Image of "Perkins 77" Art Print Series - Rod Stewart #7712

* PERKINS 77 is an ongoing series of art prints, featuring: 77 different music icons from 1977 • Each portrait is a signed and numbered edition of only 77 prints • All are illustrated by hand with brush and ink, and then hand-screened by Austin printer Satch Grimley. This entire series is just a two man operation: Me for the art, and Satch for the printing. It has already garnered national attention, as well as praise from many of the performers, their estates and management. When it is finished it will have been a monumental task, and will be displayed in galleries around the world.
NOTE that because of the small edition size, these generally sell out pretty quickly. The introductory price is always $35, but that price climbs as the prints become closer to selling out. Get one early, because these will never be reprinted!

Size 18x24